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Personal Branding so opportunities come to you!..

Posted on 13th December 2023 by Darren Saul

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It applies to anything and it's EVERYTHING. Do you have a brand? Is it First Class or Economy?

*** Everything you say and do (in both the real and virtual world) is either strengthening or weakening your personal brand **

Personal Branding is:

  • "WOW" people! EVERYTHING you do has the potential to be WOW if you desire it. WOW people are remembered, respected, trusted and sought after

  • BE DIFFERENT! What are you doing to stand out and be counted??

  • Positioning yourself as a person of value that can help other people

  • Being known as a “doer” rather than a “this is what I want to doer”

  • Always being that smiling, friendly, enthusiastic, passionate and professional person where nothing is ever too much trouble

  • Being known as a leader, a participant, and not just a wall-flower

  • Someone who can listen instead of always talking!

  • Always being prepared - preparation is half the battle already won.

  • Being confident - the execution of any action is rendered merely mediocre and will not have the desired effect (confidence also comes from preparation)

  • Having a great sense of timing - the correct action at the wrong time is useless

  • Being a person of action! Activity breeds results.