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How I Work And Give Value

I believe that we are in a serious period of quality candidate shortage and that will only continue to progress in years to come. It’s becoming increasingly more crucial to partner with a specialist that supplements traditional recruitment methods by proactively building extensive niche candidate networks and leveraging from candidate referral programs. These are fundamental parts of my recruitment strategy and daily activities!

I work with many organisations across Australia to help source quality talent in the IT Support, Infrastructure & Cloud areas – Contract and Permanent.

With over 20 years of industry experience, I am here for you Australia-wide and 24/7! My goal is simply to become a long-term partner of true VALUE.

MY RECRUITMENT STRATEGY: Sophisticated, Integrated, Multi-faceted and Highly Social!

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Podcast and the Saul Recruitment Blog – Social Media is one of the most valuable tools we have today to build a reputation, establish a brand, attract and access a target audience. A sophisticated and integrated social media recruitment strategy is not optional – it is imperative!

  • Saul Recruitment actively maintains a number of highly specific candidate networks in the IT Support, Infrastructure & Cloud areas to further increase its reach and speed when sourcing available candidates and referrals.

  • The Saul Recruitment Candidate Referral Program handsomely rewards all successful candidate referrals - further promoting its brand and reach of available quality niche candidates.

  • Advertising – Saul Recruitment website and leading job boards.