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When it comes to your hiring strategy PREVENTION is way more effective than the CURE..

Posted on 26th September 2023 by Darren Saul

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​It takes a lot of time and work to recruit in this market. So make sure you are closer than ever before to your employees’ dreams and aspirations - that way they won’t be tempted to move on.. 

Here are a few tips..

  1. Give employees a strong Purpose or WHY!

  2. Give them a clear roadmap for their career growth, training and certification

  3. Recognise and reward them - in a “genuine” way where the situation warrants - we can all see through fake compliments all too easily..

  4. Offer flexible and remote work options where possible

  5. Set clear expectations periodically throughout their journey - this allows them to take ownership and pride in what they do

  6. Delegate, trust and empower your team to make decisions

  7. Always subscribe to the philosophy of open and honest communication

  8. Put in the work to create a collaborative work environment where employees can work together and support each other

  9. Implement a staff mentoring/buddy system to train new staff with experienced team members 

  10. Conduct frequent two-way reviews to build the lines of communication and confirm expectations

  11. Promote, monitor and encourage employee health and wellness

  12. Create more opportunities for input and buy-in which leads to a stronger culture, higher quality work and better customer service!

  13. Create a friendly/approachable/fun atmosphere where people are happy (even better: proud) to work 

  14. Pay them well! Offer competitive salaries, after hours compensation, training incentives and bonus structures where possible..

  15. Be as accessible as possible - spend time in the "trenches with your troops"..

HOWEVER if you must go to market to recruit new talent to your organisation here are a few things to consider..

  1. If you want to hire the best people in the market and build a unique culture you need to think about a recruiting proactively - always have your ear to the ground with respect to quality individuals in your space  

  2. Ensure you have put in the time and resources to develop a very strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition) ie. what's in it for them?..and make sure you know how to articulate and SELL it!

  3. Create as many touch points as possible during your process. One meeting is often not enough to generate the emotional buy-in you need on the part of the candidate. How they FEEL is the single most important ingredient to ensure they say YES. This could be follow up calls or zooms, a lunch/coffee with your team or management, a day of work to see how they like it - the list is endless but very important! A candidate’s decision to accept is formed in the heart first and then justified in the mind..

  4. If you are looking to secure the best talent in the market TIME is your biggest adversary. Quality candidates are very scarce and you have to be prepared to move VERY fast - or your competitors will grow their business with all your best potential assets..I couldn’t be more passionate about this!

So do your best to keep your people super happy and loyal - but if you must recruit make sure you conduct a quality and timely process - otherwise you may be surprised by the result..