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There is a BIG difference between MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION. Here are 15 great ways to inspire your employees!

Posted on 11th February 2023 by Darren Saul

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They turn up to work, they do what they are asked/told, they might even do a little work after hours. BUT ARE THEY INSPIRED? Better still: DO YOU INSPIRE THEM?


Confidence, Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to Learn, Honesty, Team Spirit, Pride, Uncompromising Work Ethic, Self-Motivation..

The REWARDS are infinite. You will spend less time on recruitment and training. You will earn respect, trust and loyalty. You will benefit from increased productivity and morale. You will evoke leadership and creativity! 

Here are a few ideas just to get you started..

1. Give employees a strong Purpose or WHY!

2. Give them a clear roadmap for their career growth, training and certification

3. Recognise and reward them - in a “genuine” way where the situation warrants - we can all see through fake compliments all too easily..

4. Offer flexible and remote work options where possible

5. Set clear expectations periodically throughout their journey - this allows them to take ownership and pride in what they do

6. Delegate, trust and empower your team to make decisions

7. Always subscribe to the philosophy of open and honest communication

8. Put in the work to create a collaborative work environment where employees can work together and support each other

9. Implement a staff mentoring/buddy system to train new staff with experienced team members 

10. Conduct frequent two-way 360 degree reviews to build the lines of communication and confirm expectations

11. Promote, monitor and encourage employee health and wellness

12. Create more opportunities for input and buy-in which leads to a stronger culture, higher quality work and better customer service!

13. Create a friendly/approachable/fun atmosphere where people are happy (even better: proud) to work 

14. Pay them well! Offer competitive salaries, after hours compensation, training incentives and bonus structures where possible..

15. Be as accessible as possible - spend time in the "trenches with your troops"..

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself" Galileo