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Recruiting is like dating..or is it that dating is like recruiting..

Posted on 11th February 2023 by Darren Saul

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The success of your recruitment/hiring process relies on many factors performed well right from the get go. Otherwise you may be surprised at the result..

Here are 12 strategies to keep in mind..

  1. Take time at the beginning of the interview to build strong rapport. Always take the friendly approach. Use humour and creativity. Try to find common ground (you will definitely need it later on)

  2. Ask insightful (prepared) questions that challenge and allow the candidate to answer in terms of you, your organisation and the role. Intelligent questioning is probably THE most valuable tool for creating rapport and credibility

  3. Give them a very strong sense of the culture and management style. Offer details and examples. Share documentation that outlines your Employee Value Proposition (or EVP)

  4. Paint an extensive picture of the role and daily responsibilities - they need to envision and "feel" what it would be like in the role day to day

  5. Give them a clear outline of what you see as the progression path including training and development - candidates love training even more than $$!

  6. Sell the BENEFITS (not features) of the role and organisation

  7. Outline the package/rates on offer in detail ie. base, super, car, parking, technology, training, bonus, gym, health insurance...(either to your recruiter or directly if all parties are comfortable with this)

  8. Explain the "standard" working hours and any shift work (and how they will be compensated for overtime)

  9. Outline the scope for any WFH (work from home) opportunity

  10. Take them on a tour of the premises..

  11. Allow them to meet at least a few of the team members - coffee or lunch is great!

  12. Maintain a strong sense of positive MOMENTUM - give very prompt and detailed feedback. There is no bigger killer to the enthusiasm of a candidate than a long delay in the interview process - even no message sends a very clear message!

👉 BENEFITS: Shorter recruitment cycles, increased productivity and morale, more time for business, more loyal customers, more coffee and muffins..

REMEMBER: A candidate's decision to "buy" (or in this case "accept") is formed in the heart first and then justified by the mind.

It's an EMOTIONAL decision and we have to understand this!

👉 Great - they have accepted - now you just need to keep them..