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Would you like to work for a MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDER (MSP) or stay INTERNAL?

Posted on 1st July 2019 by Darren Saul

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It's a question I ask jobseekers every day and I often get a mixed response. 

Both are great but until you experience both you never really know how to compare them. It also depends a lot on your personality and how you like to work. 

So here is a little breakdown of the pros and cons of both..


PROS -   

  • get to work on and really "own" one technical environment

  • work with the same exact team every day

  • no need to worry about timesheets and billable hours

  • suits someone that is a little resistant to change and likes the status quo

  • you can become a specialist in one or a few technical areas


  • less variety and technical exposure in your everyday 

  • potential that you may be pigeonholed with regards to technology

  • slightly reduced chance of training and development

  • work in the same exact location every single day 



  • get to work with different technology and on different technical environments on a daily basis 

  • work with different people every day

  • suits someone that loves to learn and loves a dynamic workplace where no 2 days are ever the same

  • you will become a very strong technical generalist 

  • you will be able to work with cutting-edge technology must earlier

  • more chance to get involved in project work

  • potentially more chance of training and development


  • have to worry about timesheets and billable hours

  • have to do more on-call, after-hours work

  • may have to travel more to multiple-sites

So there you have it – as mentioned both are great but you need to think about what makes you (and potentially your wife) happy on the daily :-)