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The 15 Most Valuable Strategies For Retaining Your Key People!

Posted on 9th May 2019 by Darren Saul

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The recruitment industry is changing again (surprise, surprise!) and we must change with it. Quality candidates are more savvy, they are not as easily tempted and they are harder and harder to find using traditional methods. A whole new strategy for the acquisition of quality talent based on broad candidate reach is necessary but that is for another day..

RELEVANCE TO YOU: Make sure your people are inspired, proud and excited (not just content) - otherwise your competitors will..

The recruitment process doesn't stop when the candidate is hired. Retaining your key people is just as important (step 2) - otherwise you are back to step 1! More time, energy and money.

Here are in my view the 15 most valuable strategies for retaining your key people!

  1. Treat your people better than you treat your customers!! Sounds simple but I interview people all day complaining about exactly the opposite..

  2. Delegate wherever possible and empower them to build confidence, develop pride, take ownership and exceed expectations

  3. Acknowledge all the great stuff as much as possible - in a genuine way

  4. Implement a buddy system to help settle new staff into the new culture

  5. Conduct frequent two-way reviews (not too formal) to build rapport and manage expectations

  6. Create a friendly/collaborative/fun atmosphere where people are proud to work - it's called creating a "community"

  7. Invest in training and development - internal and external

  8. Understand that everyone's drivers are different and that all can be used favorably with a little creativity

  9. Be approachable! Spend some quality time down in the trenches with your troops..

  10. EARN respect - don't expect it

  11. Reward them with small treats along the way

  12. Choose your battles wisely

  13. Pay them well!

  14. Keep in regular contact with your chosen recruitment partner to ensure you are across what currently drives quality talent

  15. Never think that there isn't any more to learn in this area - the economic and business environment is constantly changing and so are the people within..

Easier said than done to do all this all the time - however, if you're not doing it you may risk losing your greatest asset!