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Posted on 20th May 2019 by Darren Saul

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Yes, the title pretty much speaks for itself. I'm sure you know where this is going...

I look around me and see example after example of "lip service", empty promises and promotion. Instead of taking pride in under-promising and over-delivering there is too much of exactly the reverse. There are hidden agendas everywhere and the need to read (and understand) the "fine print" is more important than ever. And more time-consuming! No-one trusts anymore - everyone is always looking for "the catch".

It's time to get back to basics and bring back the old ways of doing business and simply engaging with your fellow planet dweller in general...

Of course technology and social media are brilliant tools but that's all they are - tools.

Enough said!

So what's the answer to success in the new world??

  • Be authentic, be genuine, be yourself!

  • Choose face to face and phone over email where relevant

  • Return phone calls and emails promptly - a simple matter of respect

  • Make the time to invest in your employees, colleagues, service providers and strategic partners - build those relationships brick by brick!

  • Learn everything there is to learn in your field - become an invaluable resource of information - product knowledge is THE key

  • Listen much more - talk much less!

  • Less hype and noise - more quality and more strategy

  • Less production - more substance

  • Negotiate with the long term relationship in mind - now is not the time for short-term gains

  • "Make all decisions based on the person you would like to become" Dr. Paul Homoly (one of my favourite quotes!)

  • Critique everything you do - improve continuously

  • Give service like your life depends on it! It actually does..

  • Take a genuine interest in other people 

  • Be engaging and interesting

  • Be self-aware!

  • Allow others to "save face" - it builds pride, self-respect and that means results!

  • Keep things simple - become a pleasure to work with - make them look forward to dealing with you - create an "EXPERIENCE"!

  • Be friendly! Stiff, polished and professional are not only boring, but they're also counter-productive in most cases

  • "Smile - it confuses people!" I saw this the other day - love it!

  • Remember that you are part of the human race - treat people with respect (when they deserve it of course..)

  • Don't just adhere to the "industry standard" - DEFINE IT with unprecedented quality and service!

  • Think laterally - there is always a way..

  • Slow down the pace just a little 

  • Maintain a work/life balance

  • Don't follow - INSPIRE!

This stuff pretty much applies to everyone regardless of what you do.

Build your name on Quality, Value and Service and you WILL shine!