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FIRST Class or Economy? What's your reputation like?

Posted on 3rd April 2019 by Darren Saul

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Whether you are selling, buying, motivating, influencing, coaching, liaising, servicing, promoting, marketing, managing, leading, teaching, supporting or simply just making friends (phew - glad that's over!) there is one VERY important factor - in fact it's THE MOST IMPORTANT factor. It is your Personal Brand or Reputation.  It's probably also the most neglected factor these days...

Regardless of the interaction, the other person buys YOU first and then whatever it is you are doing for them.  Let me rephrase - if they LIKE you the rest will come almost automatically! You might not even need to ask for it. 

"WOW" now there's a concept to turn everything on its head! 

You can ease up on all those old-school, antiquated and aggressive sales techniques and just conduct yourself in a way that makes it easy to become friends with you. Everything else will naturally follow. Of course this is so very obvious but until someone actually awakens you it's easy to overlook. I can thank Jeffrey Gitomer for my awakening. He just puts it beautifully when he says "If you make a sale, you can earn a commission. If you make a friend, you can earn a fortune!" This of course doesn't only refer to dollars and cents. 

And here you are for the most part concentrating on everything else instead of what matters most - how you are perceived! And one other golden insight: Personal and Business - it's all the same reputation! 

"So what - give us something we can actually use Darren!" you demand. 

OK then - I will. 

Everything you say and do (in both the real and virtual Internet worlds) affects your PERSONAL BRAND. Make sure it counts. 

Here are some steps in the right direction:

  • "WOW" people! Everything you do has the potential to be "WOW" if you want it badly enough. "WOW" people are liked, remembered, respected, trusted and sought after.

  • Be different! What are you doing to stand out and be counted?

  • Always be that smiling, friendly, enthusiastic, passionate and approachable person where nothing is ever too much trouble (even at 2am on Sunday morning...)

  • Look presentable - look the part.

  • Act the part! As they say: "Perception is reality".

  • Try to return phone calls and emails within 24 hrs. (Yes I did say "try"- this has the potential to really "WOW" people because so few actually do it)

  • ALWAYS follow through on what you have promised. Even if promised on a whim - this also has the potential to really "WOW" people because so few actually do this as well.

  • Position yourself as a person of value that can help other people.

  • Be known as a "doer" rather than a "this is what I want to doer".

  • Don't be afraid to be different from everybody else - in fact be proud of it - embrace it!

  • Be that trusted and trustworthy advisor to others in your circle of influence.

  • Be a leader, a participant - not a wall-flower.

  • Be someone who can listen instead of always talking! It's amazing what you can discover...

  • Always be prepared - preparation is half the battle already won.

  • Be confident!

  • Have a great sense of timing - the correct action at the wrong time is close to useless.

You catch my drift...

Build a strong Personal Brand and you won't need to look for opportunities - OPPORTUNITIES WILL COME LOOKING FOR YOU!!